Women In Energy

Besides the official Opening and Closing Ceremonies, the programme of the Annual Conference « Tunisia Women In Energy  » 2019, focuses on 11 keynote sessions and more than 20 presentations tackling the most recent and crucial Management issues.



April 25th2019

15:00 Welcoming Participants
17:00 Opening Ceremony
17:05 Safety Induction
17:10 Welcome Addresses
17:30 Opening Session

  • Les Perspectives Energétiques en Méditerranée : l’Efficacité Energétique, Moteur de la Transition Energétique

Dr. Houda ALLAL, General Director “OME”


  • Inclusive Approach to Governance Challenges and Energy Transition

Ms. Laury HAYTAYAN, Director “Natural Resource Governance Institute”


  • Le Développement Durable et le Secteur de l’Energie

Mr. Mehdi BEN ABDALLAH, Managing Partner “Excalibur International Advisory”

  • Promotion du Rôle de la Femme dans le Secteur de l’Energie en Tunisie

Ms. Mounira BOUZOUITA, President “ARFORGHE”

9:00 Cocktail
20:00 Dinner



April 26th2019

Supporting Diversity in the Energy Industry

09:00 Keynote Session N°2:
Investment Climate in Tunisia’s Energy Sector

  • Oil Markets and the Economy: Global Issues

Christof RÜEL, Advisory Board « Crystol Energy »

  • Invest in Tunisia

Ms. Anissa MAJEBRI, Tunisia Branch Manager & North Africa Business Service Manager “Wood”

10:00 Keynote Session N°3:
Advantages & Limitations of Local Content Policies

  • Investissement dans le Domaine Energétique et Réforme du Code des Hydrocarbures

Ms. Lilia KSIBI, Deputy “Assembly of the Representatives of the People”

  • Transition Energétique en Tunisie, Opportunités d’Inclusion Locale et de Coopération Régionale

Ms. Lobna JERIBI, President “Solidar Tunisia”

  • OMV Tunisia Energy Management System and Advantages of Being ISO 50001 Certified

Ms. Houda HAJ KACEM, Environmental & Energy Management Representative “OMV”

11:00 Coffee Break
11:15 Keynote Session N°4:
Changing Dynamics in Corporate Social Responsibility

  • The Changing Dynamics of CSR between Discourse and Practice

Ms. Asma BEN YAHIA, E&I Relations Manager “Serinus Energy”

  • Corporate Social Responsibility: Impacts and Trends

Ms. Amna TOUNEKTI, CSR Expert “OMV”

  • CSR in the Energy Sector

Ms. Douja GHARBI, Entrepreneur & CEO “Redstart Tunisia”

12:30 Lunch
14:00 Keynote Session N°5:
Climate Change & Green Policies: the Role of Renewable Energy

  • Energy Efficiency: Key Driver for Sustainable Energy Transition

Ms. Kaouther LIHIDHEB, Senior Energy Efficiency Specialist “Econoler”

  • Climate Change & Green Policies: the Role of Renewable Energy

Ms. Radia SEDAOUI, Chief of the Energy Section “ESCWA”

  • Sustainability in Renewable Energies  

Ms. Awatef FOURATI, Expert in Environmental and Social Safeguards & General Manager “ASF Consulting”

15:00 Keynote Session N°6:
Hydrocarbons Opportunities in Tunisia

  • Petroleum, a Non-Renewable Fossil Energy: What Should We Know?

Dr. Amina MABROUK El ASMI, Lecturer “Faculty of Sciences of Tunis”

  • Aeromagnetic and Geothermal Investigations of Under- explored Petroleum Province in the Northwestern Tunisian Offshore

    Ms. Meriem BEDIR, Phd Researcher “Centre de  Recherches et des Technologies Des Eaux, CERTE”

  • Seismic Attribute Analysis      for     Channel     Geometries Detection: A Case Study of Paleozoic Reservoir in Tunisia

Ms. Chadia AROUA, Geophysicist “ETAP”

16:00 Coffee Break
16:15 Keynote Session N°7:
Supporting Diversity in the Energy

  • Driving Impact …Leveraging the Power of your Diversity Council 

Ms. Angela KNIGHT, Diversity, Inclusion & Culture Leader “Baker Hughes GE”

  • Awakening Diversity in the Energy Sector: a Key Point to Achieve Growth and Development 

Ms. Fatma M’SELMI, Founder “Laur’us Consulting”

17:15 Keynote Session N°8:
Climbing the Career Ladder: Opportunities & Obstructions

  • The Global Energy Transition: Is the Oil and Gas Industry Ready?

Dr. Valentina DEDI, Economist “Crystol Energy”

  • Climbing the Career Ladder in High Heels

Ms. Amira MLIK, Founder and Manager “ICEBERG”


22:00 Gala Dinner



April 27th2019

Energy Digitalization & Cybersecurity: Opportunities & Threats

09:00 Keynote Session N°9:
Women’s Empowerment & Leadership

  • Women’s Empowerment & Leadership : Food for Thoughts

Ms. Sirine TAJER, Managing Director “MENA Energy Partners”

  • Women Leadership in Male Dominated Industry


  • Title

Ms. Wafa MIRAOUI, General Manager Commercial “Shell”

10:00 Keynote Session N°10:
The Latest Technologies & Innovation in the Energy Industry

  • Diversity and Gender Equality at Total

Mr. Mansur ZHAKAPUV, General Manager “Total”

  • Diversity & Inclusion at Shell

Ms. Samira MHENNI, ER /IR Advisor “Shell”

11:00 Coffee Break
11:15 Keynote Session N°11:  
Energy Digitalization & Cybersecurity: Opportunities & Threats

  • New Technological Frontiers in the Oil & Gas Industry

Dr. Valentina DEDI, Economist “Crystol Energy”

  • SPECTRE Disintegrating Frac Plug

Ms. Salma CHAABANI, Business Development Manager “Baker Hughes GE”

12:15 Closing Ceremony
12:45 Lunch