2nd Tunisia Women In Energy

April 25th– 27th, 2019

2019/04/25 09:00:00

Tunisia Women In Energy offers you an exceptional interdisciplinary platform that aims at commemorating Tunisian & International female Energy Experts who put their outstanding efforts and willingness to make a footprint in the development of the Energy sector.

Thus, this conference will honour Women’s success, qualifications and achievements as well as it will discuss the most pressing and controversial issues that will trot the Energy industry forward.

Tunisia WIE will host Women from different fields of the Energy industry to tackle the most interesting and updated topics and to enjoy pleasant and friendly network all along the 3 event days. They will focus on and debate five keynote major themes and convene with eminent and world known speakers and chairwomen in order to share expertise and exchange experiences.

Tunisia WIE’s International & National Scientific Committees will highlight the main challenges and improvements that the Energy sector encounters not only in Tunisia but worldwide and the active involvement and the generous support that women are contributing to the development and enhancement of this industry.

« Women in Energy : Partnering for Growth »





Programme 2019



April 25th2019

15:00 Welcoming Participants
17:00 Opening Ceremony
17:05 Safety Induction
17:10 Welcome Addresses
17:30 Opening Session

  • Les Perspectives Energétiques en Méditerranée : l’Efficacité Energétique, Moteur de la Transition Energétique

Dr. Houda ALLAL, General Director “OME”


  • Inclusive Approach to Governance Challenges and Energy Transition

Ms. Laury HAYTAYAN, Director “Natural Resource Governance Institute”


  • Le Développement Durable et le Secteur de l’Energie

Mr. Mehdi BEN ABDALLAH, Managing Partner “Excalibur International Advisory”

  • Promotion du Rôle de la Femme dans le Secteur de l’Energie en Tunisie

Ms. Mounira BOUZOUITA, President “ARFORGHE”

9:00 Cocktail
20:00 Dinner



April 26th2019

Supporting Diversity in the Energy Industry

09:00 Keynote Session N°2:
Investment Climate in Tunisia’s Energy Sector

  • Oil Markets and the Economy: Global Issues

Christof RÜEL, Advisory Board « Crystol Energy »

  • Invest in Tunisia

Ms. Anissa MAJEBRI, Tunisia Branch Manager & North Africa Business Service Manager “Wood”

10:00 Keynote Session N°3:
Advantages & Limitations of Local Content Policies

  • Investissement dans le Domaine Energétique et Réforme du Code des Hydrocarbures

Ms. Lilia KSIBI, Deputy “Assembly of the Representatives of the People”

  • Transition Energétique en Tunisie, Opportunités d’Inclusion Locale et de Coopération Régionale

Ms. Lobna JERIBI, President “Solidar Tunisia”

  • OMV Tunisia Energy Management System and Advantages of Being ISO 50001 Certified

Ms. Houda HAJ KACEM, Environmental & Energy Management Representative “OMV”

11:00 Coffee Break
11:15 Keynote Session N°4:
Changing Dynamics in Corporate Social Responsibility

  • The Changing Dynamics of CSR between Discourse and Practice

Ms. Asma BEN YAHIA, E&I Relations Manager “Serinus Energy”

  • Corporate Social Responsibility: Impacts and Trends

Ms. Amna TOUNEKTI, CSR Expert “OMV”

  • CSR in the Energy Sector

Ms. Douja GHARBI, Entrepreneur & CEO “Redstart Tunisia”

12:30 Lunch
14:00 Keynote Session N°5:
Climate Change & Green Policies: the Role of Renewable Energy

  • Energy Efficiency: Key Driver for Sustainable Energy Transition

Ms. Kaouther LIHIDHEB, Senior Energy Efficiency Specialist “Econoler”

  • Climate Change & Green Policies: the Role of Renewable Energy

Ms. Radia SEDAOUI, Chief of the Energy Section “ESCWA”

  • Sustainability in Renewable Energies  

Ms. Awatef FOURATI, Expert in Environmental and Social Safeguards & General Manager “ASF Consulting”

15:00 Keynote Session N°6:
Hydrocarbons Opportunities in Tunisia

  • Petroleum, a Non-Renewable Fossil Energy: What Should We Know?

Dr. Amina MABROUK El ASMI, Lecturer “Faculty of Sciences of Tunis”

  • Aeromagnetic and Geothermal Investigations of Under- explored Petroleum Province in the Northwestern Tunisian Offshore

    Ms. Meriem BEDIR, Phd Researcher “Centre de  Recherches et des Technologies Des Eaux, CERTE”

  • Seismic Attribute Analysis      for     Channel     Geometries Detection: A Case Study of Paleozoic Reservoir in Tunisia

Ms. Chadia AROUA, Geophysicist “ETAP”

16:00 Coffee Break
16:15 Keynote Session N°7:
Supporting Diversity in the Energy

  • Driving Impact …Leveraging the Power of your Diversity Council 

Ms. Angela KNIGHT, Diversity, Inclusion & Culture Leader “Baker Hughes GE”

  • Awakening Diversity in the Energy Sector: a Key Point to Achieve Growth and Development 

Ms. Fatma M’SELMI, Founder “Laur’us Consulting”

17:15 Keynote Session N°8:
Climbing the Career Ladder: Opportunities & Obstructions

  • The Global Energy Transition: Is the Oil and Gas Industry Ready?

Dr. Valentina DEDI, Economist “Crystol Energy”

  • Climbing the Career Ladder in High Heels

Ms. Amira MLIK, Founder and Manager “ICEBERG”


22:00 Gala Dinner



April 27th2019

Energy Digitalization & Cybersecurity: Opportunities & Threats

09:00 Keynote Session N°9:
Women’s Empowerment & Leadership

  • Women’s Empowerment & Leadership : Food for Thoughts

Ms. Sirine TAJER, Managing Director “MENA Energy Partners”

  • Women Leadership in Male Dominated Industry


  • Title

Ms. Wafa MIRAOUI, General Manager Commercial “Shell”

10:00 Keynote Session N°10:
The Latest Technologies & Innovation in the Energy Industry

  • Diversity and Gender Equality at Total

Mr. Mansur ZHAKAPUV, General Manager “Total”

  • Diversity & Inclusion at Shell

Ms. Samira MHENNI, ER /IR Advisor “Shell”

11:00 Coffee Break
11:15 Keynote Session N°11:  
Energy Digitalization & Cybersecurity: Opportunities & Threats

  • New Technological Frontiers in the Oil & Gas Industry

Dr. Valentina DEDI, Economist “Crystol Energy”

  • SPECTRE Disintegrating Frac Plug

Ms. Salma CHAABANI, Business Development Manager “Baker Hughes GE”

12:15 Closing Ceremony
12:45 Lunch



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